Concert Reminder

City Beat Midpoint Article Clarification

Some of you may remember this piece that I wrote some time ago concerning the Midpoint Music Festival and what I felt needed to be improved. As I stated not only in that piece but also in my response to some commentors, it is my goal that this festival be as successful as it can be. I want what is best for the city of Cincinnati and admire those that feel the same way and put on an event like Midpoint in order to do so.

My objections, which I stand by, were my opinions on how and why Midpoint should evolve in order to be a more successful event overall and were not stated to criticize from behind my computer without offering some ideas for change. A writer for City Beat approached me to comment for their story on Midpoint recently and I obliged gladly. While the majority of my thoughts were expressed in my article, I was happy to clarify for the City Beat article. Also, I did in no way expect much or any of what I said to actually end up in print. But I also did not expect to see what I perceive needs some clarification. Here is what came out in the article,

Unfortunately, the point was missed. I did not and have not ever stated that I think it is better for Midpoint to be like Desdemona or to go out of its way to secure loads of national artists at the expense of the lesser known bands. That was a totally different type of festival than something like Midpoint. My thoughts were that Midpoint would be better served to take cues from something like Midwest Music Summit. Just read the article if you don't believe me.

My final words on this issue will be positive however, as Midpoint is kicking off and runs through the weekend. I hope that it goes incredibly well for not only the organizers and volunteers but also for the people that attend and the bands that play. My comments were never meant to offend or to burn bridges but rather to light a fire under what I think could be an amazing festival. So enjoy the weekend and I wish all best to everyone involved.