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The Wombats Finally Coming To America

One of these days, I think it might be informative to dig into the reasons UK bands cannot seem to break through here in the states sometimes. Or why it takes sooooo long for some great albums to get a release stateside, and how some do not ever get released here. But today, on the positive side, a great UK band ARE getting a US release for some of their material.

The Wombats have been making music for the better part of 5 years now, and have released a slew of great singles already in the UK, a few of which have turned up sparingly here in the US. Songs like Kill The Director, Moving To New York, and Let's Dance To Joy Division have gotten their fair share of airplay on for example.

The US release of their self titled EP is scheduled to be released in April via KIDS in America/Bright Antenna, as Filter reported last week.

In addition, the band are currently on the cover of NME and have been nominated for three NME awards, for Best New Band, Best Track for "Let's Dance To Joy Division" and another for that song, under the category Best Dancefloor Filler.

Take a listen to a great song from the EP, Kill The Director below, and enjoy the Liverpool three piece brand of Brit dance punk.